EJOT Strong Connections

9 45° EJOT SHEETtracs ® – Reliable joints in thin sheet metal with pilot holes. There is a safe solution for the process reliable assembly of pre-punched sheet metal joints with less than 1,5 mm thickness - the self-tapping EJOT SHEETtracs ® . The reduced flank angle of 45° creates a more stable female thread compared to common 60° threads. The formed female thread with a larger thread root, results in higher stripping torques and pull-out forces. Additionally the circular cross section is designed to maximise the thread engagement area compared to non-circular thread geometries. Application Examples n Housing assembly of „white goods“ n Car roof assembly n High strength of the joint due to the formed draught n Simple and safe assembly due to good alignment and low installation torque n Circular thread cross section for maximised thread engagement n Metric compatibility You can find detailed information in the EJOT SHEETtracs ® brochure. The asymmetric 45° flank angle causes smaller material displacement compared to common 60° threads and results in higher strength of the joint. Fasteners for Metal