EJOT Strong Connections

8 33° EJOT ALtracs ® Plus – The fastening solution for light metal Fasteners for Metal EJOT ALtracs ® Plus is designed for direct assembly into cast holes. Compared to metric screws cost savings of up to 40% can be achieved. An ALtracs ® Plus screw achieves strength values which are comparable to the metric screw joint (strength value 10.9.). The ALtracs ® Plus thread is vibration resistant at an installation depth of approx. 1,5 x d ¹ (without any additio nal safety elements such as washers, PA coating, micro encapsulating etc.). Application Examples n Instrument panel assembly n Electric motor housing assembly n Direct installation into cast holes - without secondary finishing n Cost savings of up to 40 % due to reduced work steps n Metric compatibility: Metric screws can be used in an ALtracs ® Plus thread n Maximum thread engagement due to the circular thread cross section n High clamp loads and long term stability n Vibration resistant n Multiple repeat assemblies possible n Easy screw application (manual fastening) Further information for the dimensioning is available in the EJOT ALtracs ® Plus brochure. The asymmetrical flank angle of 33° guarantees much higher strength values of the formed female thread root than a common 60° thread. Cost advantage due to less work steps and less tooling costs Three work steps can be saved with ALtracs Plus ® Screws compared to metric screws.