EJOT Strong Connections

6 Fasteners for Plastics Application Examples n Fastening of bumpers n Assembly of intake manifolds EJOT DELTA PT ® – Calculable performance improvement High residual clamp load, due to large, load bearing thread flanks. The EJOT DELTA PT ® has been especially developed for screw joints in thermoplastics. The thread geometry creates low surface pressure and provides a high clamp load of the joint. Excellent long-term performance is obtained under thermal and dynamic loads. The innovative geometry of the EJOT DELTA PT ® Screw results in a robust fastener which guarantees reliability even in complex designs and extreme applications. n Direct assembly saves time and work steps n Minimised radial stress allows thin-walled designs n Safety due to high tensile and torsion strength as well as vibration resistance n A wide range of possible tightening torques n Cost-effective solution for standardised parts n Simple design engineering with the EJOT ® DELTA CALC prognosis programme Detailed information available in the DELTA PT ® product brochure. DELTA PT ® direct assembly in thermoplastics in one work step.