EJOT Strong Connections

19 EJOT ® HardTip – Metal direct assembly with inductive hardened thread forming n Controlled adjustment of the hardness in the forming zone through partial inductive heat treatment n Hardness of the bearing thread according to 8.8/10.9 possible n Usable for especially hard hole edges in the case-hardened version n Thread forming zone hardness over 450 HV for the heat-treated version n Hardness of the thread forming zone over 600 HV for the case-hardened version n Possible costs saving through new production technology n EJOT ® HardTip is available for SHEETtracs ® , FDS ® , Spiralform ® and ALtracs ® Plus n Further screws with HardTip available upon request Due to the hardened thread forming zone the EJOT ® Hard Tip screws are the ideal solution for direct assembly into steel. Through targeted material selection and a production technology combining the thermal hardening and tempe ring process with an inductive short-term heat treatment, a screw with a hard thread forming zone is produced. At the same time the toughness of the screw head and the load- bearing thread length are increased. These screws are mainly used when case-hardened fasten ing elements are not acceptable. As an alternative to hardening and tempering, the ther mochemical treatment of case-hardening can be used. In connection with inductive hardening, screws with especially hard thread forming zones can be produced. These screws are suitable for use in high strength materials where conven tional hardened fastening elements would fail. Product Features Hardness distribution of EJOT ® HardTip Screws