EJOT Strong Connections

16 EJOT ® EPPsys – Innovative Fasteners for the lightweight construction The EJOT ® EPPsys is a product group to fasten parts to foamed components, especially EPP (expanded poly propylene). Other materials from the field of non-metal lightweight construction can also be fastened with EJOT ® EPPsys. EJOT ® EPPsys D ( D irect Assembly) Easy, quick and simple. This fastening element is directly screwed into the foam, without the need for a pilot hole. The EPPsys D screw is installed process reliable into EPP foams (with a large density) using defined torques. EJOT ® EPPsys DR ( D irect Assembly R asthaken / snap-fit) Additional engagement hooks enable easy and secure faste ning of the EPPsys component on sheet metal or plastic parts with a wall thickness between 0,8 and 2,2 mm. EJOT ® EPPsys RSD ( R eib s chweiß d om / friction-welding boss) Through a friction welding process this product is directly installed into the EPP foam without pilot hole, and into PP honeycomb elements, enabling a direct assembly with the EJOT DELTA PT ® Screw. Application Examples n Car crashpad assembly n Glove compartment assembly n No pilot hole necessary: Ideal for tolerance indepen dent assembly in EPP faoms n High process reliability due to a large margin between installation and stripping torque n Weight savings due to used plastic construction n Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic assembly possible n High axial load capacity in the foam EJOT ® EPPsys DR: engagement hooks allow for easy and secure fastening with tolerance compen- sation. Special Fastening Elements