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13 Multifunctional Fastening Elements EJOFORM ® – Flexibility through multi-stage forming technology EJOFORM ® products are individual and innovative fasten ing and design engineering solutions. These products meet various requirements, such as holder, stop bolt, distance sleeve or adjustment element. These unique products are manufactured in a multiple step cold-forming process. With this technology a wire section is formed into a complex fastening element in up to six blows. EJOFORM ® products are engineered parts consequently designed for the individual case. According to experience it is possible to avoid 70 % of the failure costs during the design and development stage. Early involvement of the EJOT application engineers offers excellent opportunities to exploit the various cost-saving potentials. Expert monito ring from the first concept idea to the launch of production is an important part of EJOT‘s operating principle. Application Examples n Tread assembly n Components for electronic braking mechanisms n 100% adjustment to the application n Reduction of material and inventory costs n Large savings potential through multi-functionality n Simplification of the assembly n Replacement of turned parts For further information about cost saving potential with multifunctional fastening technology please refer to the EJOFORM ® brochure. EJOFORM ® - Cost saving potential compared to turned parts P r o d u c t i o n q u a n t i t y C o l d - f o r m e d c o m p o n e n t Tu r n e d p a r t C o s t s