EJOT Strong Connections

12 EJOT ® „boss“ Family – Safe direct assembly of thin-walled components n One fastening element for different component thicknesses n No corrosion n No mix-ups, since only one fastening element is used n Economic efficiency through part reduction n High dynamic safety n Ergonomic and safe assembly n Recyclable n No catching of the parts n Consistent tightening torques n Automation through standardisation All technical features are listed in the EJOT ® „boss“ Family brochure. EJOT offers a variety of specific and standardised solutions for direct assembly of thin-walled components. The special fastening elements are suitable for applications which do not allow direct assembly due to insufficient thread engagement. The „boss“ family provides the ideal plastic boss for direct assembly for subsequent, captive mounting and locking. Suitable for the individual application, this standard range realises secure and cost-effective fastening solutions. The newest boss generation with adjustable wall thickness compensation offers additional cost saving potential. Application Examples n Instrument panel assembly n Centre console assembly EJOT EASYboss ® V – the standard solution for varying snap-on thicknesses. Multifunctional Fastening Elements