EJOT Strong Connections

11 Spiralform ® Plus self-tapping point for especially low thread forming torques. n Suitable for assemblies according to DIN 7500 n Low thread forming torques due to the Spiralform ® thread geometry with self-tapping point n The formed thread corresponds to the metric ISO standard thread DIN 13 n High strength values and maximum flank coverage due to circular thread cross section You can find detailed information in the Spiral- form ® product brochure. EJOT Spiralform ® Screws are special fastening elements for reliable and trouble-free metal screw joints according to DIN 7500. This special screw enables thread-cutting and tightening in just one work step, always forming an accurate, tight fitting, high strength female thread. This guarantees optimal resi stance against loosening under dynamic stress. The special self-tapping Spiralform ® Plus point ensures low thread forming torques and an easy application of the screw. Fasteners for Metal Application Examples n Fastening of containers n Fastening of car roof systems EJOT Spiralform ® – The thread former for steel