EJOT Strong Connections

10 Application Examples n Car body assembly n Coolant pipe assembly Fasteners for Metal EJOT FDS ® – The screw for high strength sheet metal joints n Removable and high quality screw joint, without part preparations, such as pre-drilling or punching n One-sided assembly, no backing device necessary n No hole overlap problems n No material waste and no chipping n High loosening torque and vibration resistance, no need for additional safety elements All technical features are listed in the EJOT FDS ® brochure. The automotive industry in particular has high demands on the joining technology. In addition to one-sided accessibility, the removability of the fastener is also very important, espe cially with regard to recyclability. The FDS ® Screw enables high-quality assembly of thin sheet metals made of steel and aluminium without the need for a pilot hole. Work steps such as pre-drilling or pre-punching are no longer necessary. Due to the increased thread engagement in the formed draught a high-strength screw joint is created - without the undesired chipping. The screw joint is able to transfer high pull-out forces and high shearing strength. The polygonal point and the conical thread forming zone ensure easy flow drilling through heating up of the material. Cost advantage due to less work steps With the FDS ® Screw sheet metal of up to 1,8 mm can be assembled without pilot hole.