EJOT Building Fasteners Catalogue

PRODUCT GROUP A range of breakstem rivets specifically designed for internal and external applications in the construction industry. DESIGN The mandrel and body design and material specifications have been chosen to offer the optimum performance in a variety of exposures. ASSEMBLY Where specified they are assembled with a high quality EPDM sealing ring. Note: only sealed end rivets will not allow water to pass down the centre of the rivet body. FINISH Where the mandrel and/or body is steel it is finished in a bright zinc plate. Aluminium and stainless steel are self-finish. EJOT Rivets Effective Clamping Thickness (ECT) is the total thickness of the build up to be fixed. Embedment (EMB) figures relate to depth into substrate (not including clamp pieces). EJOT COLOUR MATCHING For colour matching please select the AL-V coloured rivet. Check with EJOT for suitable coloured cap options for other rivet types. Self-Drilling Fasteners Self-Tapping Fasteners Storm Washers Rivets Accessories Tool Accessories Rivets 58