EJOT Building Fasteners Catalogue

Opticore is EJOT’s unique and patented integral nylon head, designed to encapsulate fasteners from our high performance Self-Drilling range. Opticore is engineered to provide a dual drive fastening system that enables rapid self-coring of membrane faced insulation panels, and a secure fix into hot and cold rolled steel, and timber. Key to the Opticore’s advantage is the coring action created by strategically placed cutting fins. These simply snap free as the fastener ‘pulls up’ and the nylon to metal relationship means there is no compromise to the integrity of the panel’s lining skin. The composition of the Opticore head also provides significantly better thermal retention values over metal counterparts. EJOT ® Opticore ® The self-coring one-step fix for Membrane faced composite panels Self-Drilling Fasteners Self-Tapping Fasteners Storm Washers Rivets Accessories Tool Accessories 46 Opticore