EJOT Building Fasteners Catalogue

J T 4 - 2H - 4.8 x 19 - S 12 EJOT Super-SAPHIR ® Self-Drilling Fasteners - Stainless Steel JT4 Fastener identification codes JT4 A2 Grade Stainless steel Self-Drilling fastener PRODUCT GROUP A range of fasteners manufactured entirely from austenitic stainless steel material grade 304 (A2) suitable for use when drilling and tapping into aluminium sections. DESIGN The drill points and thread forms are designed to provide maximum mechanical performance with ease of installation into aluminium or timber substrates. ASSEMBLY Where specified they are assembled with a high quality metal and EPDM vulcanised sealing washer ensuring a safe seal every time. FINISH For aesthetic reasons and to provide lubrication during driving a zinc finish plus wax is applied to these fasteners. Effective Clamping Thickness (ECT) is the total thickness of the build up to be fixed. Embedment (EMB) figures relate to depth into substrate (not including clamp pieces). EJOT COLOUR MATCHING Colour match powder-coating available for all low profile stainless steel fasteners in this range. Please ask for details. Self-Drilling Fasteners Self-Tapping Fasteners Storm Washers Rivets Accessories Tool Accessories Self-Drilling Fasteners 32